Major activities of the Organisation:

NBO is primarily engaged in collection, collation, analysis and dissemination of housing and buildings construction statistics with a view to have an effective countrywide system for this purpose. In addition, the Organisation coordinates activities relating to the information emanating from various sources, namely, the Registrar General of India, National Sample Survey Office and other concerned organizations. The statistics collected and disseminated by NBO is not only used in policy formulations but is also used by the various research organizations in the field of housing.

NBO collects data on housing statistics In respect of:

The primary data on building construction and housing related activities from urban areas are being collected by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics from different sources in the States, using the formats following the prescribed time schedule as specified in the instruction/guidelines issued by NBO. The buildings related statistics which are mainly collected relates to:-

  • Collection and compilation of data on Building permits issued for all residential buildings.
  • Collection and compilation of information on Total number of building permits issued and total number of completion certificates issued.
  • Compilation of data for developing the Building Construction Cost Index (BCCI.
  • Collection and compilation of Buildings Material Prices.
  • Collection and compilation of Wages of building construction labour.
  • Circle Rate (per sq. ft) of urban Residential Housing Property.

NBO collects data on the above mentioned activities on quarterly basis, in the form of Annexure-I & V-II (copies enclosed) from selected/identified 300 cities with having population One lakh and above as per Census-2011. In this regard, prices of all important building materials such as bricks, sand, steel, stone, asbestos cement sheets, paints and varnishes, sanitary ware etc. are covered. With regard to wages of building labour, masons, carpenters, unskilled workers are also covered. Formats have been prescribed for this purpose. These returns are required to be furnished quarterly by the field units of the PWD/DES/BDOs.

NBO also collects data on Building Cost Index. These data are collected from selected centres, which are mostly the District headquarters in the States and UTs. These data relate to the Low Income Group Houses constructed by either the State Housing Board or the concerned Development Authorities The methodology to change the vase year has also been provided to them. The data are being collected and compiled on quarterly basis.

National Buildings Organisation also conducts training courses for the personnel engaged in the collection of housing and buildings construction statistics in different States in consultation with the State Bureaus of the respective State Governments. This is intended to streamline and strengthen the system of collection of housing and building statistics at micro level. These programmes are conducted in collaboration with the State Directorate of Economics and Statistics. The subject covered under approved training programmes are:

Collection of primary data on housing and buildings construction related statistics, E-Tools Like /BRIKS, MIS available in or used by Directorate of Economics and Statistics (DES )to transmit the data.

The Chairman of Technical Group (Tg-12) has constituted a subcommittee under the chairpersonship of Prof. Neelima Risbud, Housing Expert, School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi to look into the coverage of data, limitations, Structure of Schedules and their processing relating to current housing and building construction activities in the country.

The Committee submitted its report to the Government. The Report "Report of the Technical Group on Urban Housing Shortage (TG-12) (2012-2017)" is available on official website of NBO i.e. For Summary of Recommendations regarding a mechanism for strengthening the system for collection of Housing Statistics and developing a National Database for Urban Areas:


To develop a state-of-the-art fully computerised Management Information System on housing and building statistics. The e-unit in NBO will be up-linked to state Governments Departments of /Bureaus of Economics & Statistics, Municipal Administration, Municipal Corporations, Municipalities etc. Read More..