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The National Buildings Organisation (NBO) was established in 1954 as an attached office under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (the then Ministry of Works and Housing) for technology transfer, experimentation, development and dissemination of housing statistics. In the context of formulation of Housing Policy and Programmes, study of socio-economic aspects of housing issues and the increased need for housing statistics, NBO was restructured in 1992. NBO was further restructured in March, 2006 with the revised mandate keeping in view the current requirements under the National Housing Policy, and various socio-economic and statistical functions connected with housing and building activities.

The mandate of the NBO in its restructured form is as follows: -

  • To collect, collate, validate, analyse, disseminate and publish the housing and building construction statistics.
  • To organize training programmes for the officers and staff of the State Government engaged in collection and dissemination of housing and building construction statistics.
  • To create and manage a documentation centre relating to housing, poverty, slums and infrastructure related statistics.
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To develop a state-of-the-art fully computerised Management Information System on housing and building statistics. The e-unit in NBO will be up-linked to state Governments Departments of /Bureaus of Economics & Statistics, Municipal Administration, Municipal Corporations, Municipalities etc. Read More..